What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a form of male sterilization, or “permanent contraception”, and is the most effective method of male sterilisation.

The vasectomy includes  disconnecting  the small tubes that transport sperm from the testicles. It is a relatively quick surgical procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia in an office-based setting or under general anaesthesia, depending on patient preferences.

A vasectomy do not decrease sex drive and do not affect the ability to have an erection or orgasm. The ejaculation will look and feel the same after vasectomy, though microscopically there will be no sperm in the semen.

After the surgery, the sperm count in your ejaculate will start decreasing gradually. A semen analysis should be performed in two and in three months post vasectomy to confirm that no sperm is still in semen and that the operation was successful. Until then you will need to continue to use other birth control methods until your semen sample comes back completely sperm-free.

The vasectomy is performed with the use local anaesthetic but, if your tubes are difficult to feel, general anaesthetic is preferred. If local anaesthesia is the preferred method then you will need two injections of local anaesthetic, one on each side, your skin will be numb and a small incision will be performed to the scrotal skin.You will not feel any pain but probably mild discomfort when the Surgeon picks up each tube. To close the small scrotal skin incisions absorbable stitches will be used which will fell off in about 2 weeks.

How a vasectomy is carried out

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