Optical urethrotomy/urethral dilation

Optical urethrotomy/urethral dilation

What is an Optical urethrotomy/urethral dilation?

Optical Urethrotomy is performed using a telescope passed into the penis through the water pipe (urethra)  and opening up a stricture (narrowing caused by scar tissue) in the urethra (water pipe) with incision using a visual knife or laser fibre. The cutting takes place internally and there are no incisions or stitches

Full general anaesthetic  or a spinal anaesthetic is required and you will  be given injectable antibiotics before the procedure

 After the procedure a catheter is inserted into the bladder for 24-48 hours and when is removed you will  be instructed in the technique of self catheterisation, using a “slippery” catheter, to keep your urethral stricture open and avoid recurrence

Side effects are some bleeding around the catheter lasts for a short period.

Urethral dilatation is where the urethra or the meatus (external opening) are stretched under local or general anaesthetic. After lubricating the urethra with  anaesthetic gel  the urethra is stretched using dilators (plastic or metal) of increasing size.

A catheter may be left in place for a few days to divert urine, allowing the urethra to heal.

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