Flexible cystoscopy

Flexible cystoscopy

What is flexible cystoscopy?

Flexible Cystoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed by a urologist. Uses a special flexible instrument (cystoscope) that carries a special camera with which the specialist inspect the interior of the urethra and bladder.

The cystoscopy is performed on patients with macroscopic or microscopic hematuria (blood in urine ), when in other tests (ultrasound, CT scan) an abnormality is found in the bladder that needs its nature to be clarified and when a patient shows symptoms of urination that cannot be explained by other tests.

The examination is performed in the Urologist office under local anesthesia.

The special camera enters the bladder from the urethra (from where the man or woman urinates). Images are recorded in video or photos.

Side effect are rare. The most common are: blood in the urine and urinary tract infection.

However, they are usually mild and can be easily treated with plenty of fluids and antibiotics if needed.

Immediately after the examination, the patient can work and eat freely.

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